Holiday Hazards & Your Pet

posted: by: Mission Road Animal Clinic Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

            The holiday season is upon us, and we need to keep our pets’ safety in mind.  Many of the things associated with the holidays may be of concern with animals.

          As you prepare to sit down for a holiday feast, keep in mind that your pet should not be included.  Much of the food at the table will be high in fat which can cause intestinal upset or even pancreatitis, a severe condition which requires hospitalization to treat.  If fed to a pet, bones can get stuck in their mouth or even cause an intestinal obstruction requiring surgery.  In addition, some desserts may contain chocolate which can also cause intestinal upset or even a toxic reaction in dogs.  After the meal, it is important to properly dispose of the garbage out of your pets’ reach.

          Decorating your house?  A Christmas tree can be full of dangers.  The needles from the tree and the resins in the water can cause significant irritation if ingested.  Many ornaments may appear as tasty snacks to pets, and ribbon is commonly ingested.  Electrical cords can cause severe burns or even death if chewed on, and many plants of the holiday season are poisonous to animals including the poinsettia and holly (both berries and leaves.)

          The added stress of new people and things around the house can also be stressful to pets.  Unfortunately, cats and some dogs may respond with inappropriate urination/defecation or destructive behavior around the house.

          If your pet should accidentally partake in the season, you may have to include a trip to our office on your holiday to-do list.  However, the best way to keep your pet healthy through the holiday season is to avoid the common problems associated with including your pets in the festivities.