Dental Awareness Month

posted: by: Melissa Geffert Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, but here at Mission Road we celebrate and stress the importance of good dental health YEAR-ROUND! 

Does your pet need a dental cleaning? Let one of our skilled technicians examine and grade your pets' mouth for you- free of charge! At that time, the technician can let you know if your pet requires a dental, the severity of the need, and can present you with an estimate for services.

Dental cleaning and polishing is done under anesthesia on an outpatient basis- your pet will go home with you, same day, to finish recovery at home. 

Keeping your pet's mouth happy and healthy is an ongoing wellness issue, and of high concern to our staff. Please don't hesitate to ask anyone on our staff about dental health, cleanings, or what you could do at home to keep that mouth clean!

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